TriZetto Personal CareAdvance®

  • medium-patient-computer-jpg-362x246Help your members manage their health.

    When your health plan members manage their own health and engage in healthy behaviors, it makes the task of care management simpler, more effective—and less costly.

    The TriZetto Personal CareAdvance® application gives you a secure, Web-based solution with tools to help your members manage their own health more effectively. Drawing from the Healthwise® Knowledgebase, the Personal CareAdvance application proactively pushes appropriate information to the right person at the right time. The Healthwise Knowledgebase uses sophisticated, prebuilt campaigns that address more than 450 health-related topics that can help guide and inform health plan members and encourage healthy behaviors.

    In addition to providing a core health record and messaging platform, the Personal CareAdvance application delivers a wide assortment of integrated member health tools, including health diaries, medication and condition lists, a personal health summary, and more.

    The Personal CareAdvance solution lets your members:

    • Access general health information, receive targeted wellness services and get a 360-degree view of their personal health summary.
    • Collect and record personal health information and complete and submit health risk assessments.
    • Track clinical metrics, receive reports on their health progress and receive alerts when their health status changes.
    • Interact with care managers, providers and family members.


    Benefits of TriZetto Personal CareAdvance

    The Personal CareAdvance application enables you to deliver information and self-management capabilities that can:

    • Engage members in managing their own care by enabling them to collect and record personal health information, submit health risk assessments, track clinical metrics, access a personal health summary and receive reports on their health progress.
    • Improve clinical outcomes by actively partnering with members to shape care decisions.
    • Provide timely care by automatically alerting members when their health status changes.
    • Increase member retention by providing better access to general health information and targeted wellness services and improving interaction with care managers, providers and family members.
    • Reduce adverse drug interactions through the use of Medi-Span®, a Personal CareAdvance application functionality that includes a drug-interaction alert for members who take multiple prescription medications.
    • Demonstrate compliance with HIPAA standards.


  • TriZetto Services

    Our world-class services include application hosting and management, business process services, and consulting. TriZetto’s application hosting and management are delivered via cloud technologies to give clients flexible and scalable business services. Our global team of experienced professionals possesses deep knowledge of both the healthcare industry and TriZetto solutions, helping clients solve their unique business challenges and achieve results more quickly.


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